Thursday, 25 August 2016

Painting Kings Of War Dwarves.

A while ago, I wrote a post about when Ronnie Renton (the main man behind Mantic) and his Pathfinders came to wargames club H.A.T.E and I tried out their Kings Of War fantasy battle game. Just before that, I had bought some models for the game and, every now and then since, I have been assembling the dwarves from the sets. Last Sunday, I decided it was time to start painting them.

Here are the little fellas all ready to be spray undercoated. I've Blu-Taced them onto old slats from louvre doors. These "spray sticks" allow me to move the models about while I spray the undercoat on to them. This allows for better coverage than if I'd placed them on a piece of newspaper on the floor or on a table.

Here they are sprayed up and drying. Luckily, it was a very hot day on Sunday and it took a very small amount of time for the undercoat to dry. I used Games Workshop's Skull White spray as I had half a can of it left. I prefer other manufacturers paints to GW's but it sufficed. It has a slightly rough texture when dry which allows brush applied paints to stick to it well.

These are the paints (other than the aforementioned spray undercoat) that I used on one of the Dwarves (yep, just one, more on that later). I used a mix of Games Workshop, Coat d'arms, Vallejo (Game Colour and Model Colour) and The Army Painter paints.
An interesting point about Coat d'arms. They are the guys who produced the original Games Workshop paints before they changed to a different manufacturer.

After the undercoat had dried, I painted all the parts of the model that would eventually be metallic with The Army Painter, Matt Black. These parts are, the armour which would eventually be painted with GW Mithril Silver, and the dwarf's hammer's head and adornments, buckles, ect. which would be finished with Vallejo Model Colour Brass. I wanted a gold-like colour but thought that actual gold paint would make the hammer heads look like gold bars and bronze paint was more a colour for Chaos/Abyssal (the bad guys) Dwarves. Luckily, I found this lovely Brass paint which sat between the two.
The undershirt and trousers of the dwarf, I painted with Coat d'arms, Light Blue. His tabard with Game Colour, Royal Purple.
All the leather parts, I painted with Coat d'arms Leather Brown.
And the wooden shaft of the hammer Coat d'arms Chestnut Brown.
I used a mix of these two browns for the Dwarf's beard.
For the Dwarves face, I used Game Colour, Cadmiun Skin which was recommended to me by my friend Andy. I had originally bought some Formula P3 (designed for Privateer Press' War Machine miniatures), Khardic Flesh paint for them but decided that with the rest of the colour scheme I had chosen, a lighter flesh colour would be more suitable. It won't go to waste though as I plan to use it on my Hasslefree Grymns.
I finished the model off by painting the base Intermediate Green, with Model Colour paint.

Here he is in all his painted glory. I will admit, it's not the best painted miniature that you will ever see. My ambition in miniature painting outstrips my ability. I am a perfectionist in most things that I do but at painting models, I am not very good, which usually leads to some degree of frustration.
There is s lot more detail on the model than can be seen in this picture. In all, it took me two to three hours to do just this one guy. I'm hoping that one of my friends will help me out and do some of the painting of the army for me.

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