Monday, 28 January 2013

DreadBall Copper cup and Tabletop nation.

On Sunday, I went to Tabletop Nation (my second visit there) to play in the DreadBall Copper Cup.

DreadBall is a Sci-Fi sports game produced by Mantic. It has the flavour of games such as Speedball 2 and Rollerball.

The tournament was run, extremely well by Rich J from Enfield Gamers, a wargames club based in Ponders End, North London that meet on Tuesday evenings. Due to the distance between where I live and Ponders End, I rarely get the chance to go down there now unfortunately, so it was good to see many members of the club at the event. Here's the address of the Enfield Gamers web page. New members are always welcome.

I managed to come 4th out of 20 players in the tournament. I was very pleased with my performance but gutted that I narrowly missed out on third place. It wasn't the fact that I missed out on getting a voucher for more "toys" but that the first three placed players got an invitation to the DreadBall Super Bowl later in the year. There will however be other DreadBall events this year that I believe will give players the chance to get a ticket for the Super Bowl so I may enter one of those and try my luck again.

Tabletop Nation itself is a wonderful gaming facility coupled with Wayland Games' bricks and mortar store. It has the most beautifully constructed gaming tables that I have ever seen, so much so that I couldn't help taking some (jerky) videos of them. I thought Id share them with you.

The first is a table designed to play Infinity (a 28mm Sci-Fi skirmish game) on. It features a brilliant ruined elevated roadway.

This second table is made for Bolt Action (a WWII 28mm game). This is a really beautiful table.

This third one seems to be for a 6mm skirmish game. I think that, partly due to the scale of the scenery and partly because there is not enough room on the board for large formations of troops.

This last video features a table that I think would be great for Warhammer 40,000. I can just imagine an Imperial Guard force on the raised paved area, Basilisks shelling no mans land while Chaos cultists skulk in the trenches.

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